Crystal Pepsi Taste Test on TV Show Right This Minute

Vito the Kid and Dad, Chris | Crystal Pepsi Taste Test

YouTube superstar Vito the Kid and his father Chris are celebrating the return of Crystal Pepsi. You may remember that the Pepsi recently announced the return of the drink beloved of many web celebs like the L.A. Beast. The L.A. Beast even wrote a song called, “The Crystal Pepsi Song” as a part of the campaign to bring the drink back. Vito the Kid and his dad Chris received some Crystal Pepsi from the L.A. Beast’s personal stash from Pepsi. Watch the dramatic moment when father and son taste the delicious drink.

Thank you to Right This Minute for featuring our Crystal Pepsi Taste Test video on their show.

Right This Minute TV Hosts for Crystal Pepsi TV Spot




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