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Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings Taste Test | Vito the Kid

What’s up fam! Popeyes released their new Ghost Pepper Wings and we had to head on over there to try them out for you. Are they hot chicken? Let’s find out together in this taste test! …

Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo Cookie Taste Review | Vito the Kid

Hello, my friends! Today we are tasting some new Oreo cookies. These ones are called the Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo Cookie. We have been waiting for these since we heard they were coming…

Pepsi Christmas Cola from Japan Review | Vito the Kid

Hello all! This is our Pepsi Christmas Cola from Japan Review. We had to order it on eBay as it’s only available in Japan for the holiday season. Have you heard of this, or tried it? Let…

One Chip Challenge from Paqui Chips – World’s Hottest Chip

Here we go, my friends! You have been waiting, and asking and the time is finally upon us. It’s time for the One Chip Challenge from Paqui Chips. The world’s hottest chip. This chip is made…

Tasting NEW Dairy Queen Oreo Candy Cane Blizzard and Hot Chocolate Oreo Blizzard

Hello everyone! We heard Dairy Queen came out with some new Blizzards, so we had to head on over there. We will be tasting the new Dairy Queen Oreo Candy Cane Blizzard and Hot Chocolate Oreo…

Burger King Flamin’ Hot Mac N Cheetos Fast Food Eating Review

It’s finally here! The Burger King Flamin’ Hot Mac N Cheetos have finally dropped. We went over to our Burger King to give them a try for a food eating challenge. These are available for…

MunchPak Unboxing and Review with Vito the Kid

Hello everyone! MunchPak hooked us up with another MunchPak unboxing to try. These are always so unique and fun to unbox and sample. We always have a good time doing the MunchPak taste test….

Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Taco Taste Test

Taco Bell did it again peeps! We went over to Taco Bell to pick up the new Rolled Chicken Tacos. We had to try these for you when they came out. What do you think? Leave us a comment and…

Salted Caramel Pepsi Taste Test

Hey everyone! We finally found it! You have been hitting us up asking us to try the all-new Salted Caramel Pepsi. After looking for a week, our local CVS finally stocked it. We picked it…

The Hottest Popcorn in the World! Cornferno Ghost Pepper Popcorn | Vito the Kid

Cornferno Ghost Pepper Popcorn

Hello everyone! We know you love when we try hot foods and snacks, so when we saw this we knew you’d love it. This is called the Hottest Popcorn in the World! Cornferno Ghost Pepper Popcorn. The good folks over at sent us this for free after I had a hard time ordering it. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Have you tried it? We also got a hold of one of the new Mountain Dew Holiday Holiday Brew to put out the fire. It’s a limited edition Ultimate Holiday Blend. The mixed the regular green Mountain Dew with the Code Red Mountain Dew.

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