Lays Taste of America Deep Dish Pizza Chips Inspired by Giordano’s

Lays Potato Chips are back at it again this year with the Taste of America. We are trying the Deep Dish Pizza Chips inspired by Giordano’s Pizza from Chicago.

Exploding Watermelon Challenge for LiveMe 🍉💥 Kid Friendly 🤣

Hello, my friends! We were doing a Featured Show on LiveMe Live streaming App and decided to do the Exploding Watermelon Challenge. He went to the store, …

Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar from Vat19. Spicy Challenge!

Hello, my friends! We have been saving this next spicy challenge for a special occasion. That occasion is Chris’ Birthday! We will be doing the Worlds Hottest …

Cotton Candy Twinkies Taste Test and Review. LIMITED EDITION!

Hello, my good friends. So there I was at the Dollar store again browsing the shelves. I came upon a product that I hadn’t heard of yet. I give you the Cotton …

Burger King American Brewhouse King Food Review! It’s Huge! 😱

Hello there, my friends! When we heard all the crazy, positive reviews talking about the new burger at Burger King – you know we had to try it for you. Check this …

KFC Pickle Fried Chicken Taste Test | Vito the Kid

Hello, my friends! KFC has released another limited time only chicken sandwich. It’s the KFC Pickle Fried Chicken sandwich. Now, you don’t have to get it in the …

Pringles Sloppy Joe Flavor Taste Test – Exclusive from Walgreens | Vito the Kid

Hi, guys! We had to run over to Walgreens when we heard about something exclusive they were carrying. It’s the Pringles Sloppy Joe flavor and it’s exclusive to …

Dad Jokes on Father’s Day with Vito the Kid. Try Not to Laugh

Dad Jokes on Father’s Day with Vito the Kid. Try Not to Laugh

Happy Father’s Day! On this Father’s day, we decided to try some Dad jokes on for size. Of course, we had to turn it into a little competition with some hot and spicy chips. Loser each round eats an XXtra Flamin Hot Cheetos and the overall loser has to eat a Ghost Pepper Paqui chip. Who wins? Who loses? What are your favorite jokes? I hope you enjoy this video!

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Burger King Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries Taste Review | Vito the Kid

Hello, all! We heard Burger King came out with some brand new chicken fries, so we had to run down to our local BK. There we found the brand new Crispy …

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